So you’re ready to start a money-making blog but you don’t know what to do first?

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Your teacher: Dr. Tawna Schmidt

What is the 90 Day Blog Blitz?

Your blueprint to build a blog from day 1!
If you want to start a blog and have no idea where to start, the 90 Day Blog Blitz is exactly what you need!

Download the entire system today! It’s FREE with no strings attached!
It is what I wished I had when I started my first blog in 2013, and the reason I created it for you!

Here is what you get:

step by step plan to start your blog today

Heck ya!! I want to be making money within 90 days from today!! 😊

So you want to start a blog that makes money?

You’re in the right place!

However you found me (Pinterest, Facebook, surfing the net, a friend ….) I am super excited you’re here! 😊

But the most exciting part? YOU CAN DO THIS! 

Tawna Schmidt

Dr. Tawna Schmidt

And I will be with you each step of the way sharing everything I know to help you start a blog, grow your blog, and make money with your blog!

You know what else is exciting?

It isn’t that hard!

Does this sound like you?


If you have the desire to work from anywhere (moms this means you can work from home!) and the willingness to work hard, but you feel confused with the technology and the logistics of getting started, stop worrying!

Let’s get this party started by building your blog!

Are you ready to stop guessing and start building?

You Got This!

Ready to start your own blog? Click here to go to my insanely simple 8-step plan and get started now!

Hi! I’m Tawna, a former school teacher, school counselor, and university professor and administrator.

I’ve also started several 6-figure businesses.

Starting my first blog in 2013 was the best thing I have ever done in my professional life, and now it is super exciting and rewarding to help others create freedom and flexibility in their life!

Would it be a life-changer if you could work from anywhere without compromising your current income or lifestyle?

Moms, this means you could work from home and be with your littles every. single. day!

Just think of how broad you can go when you think of working from anywhere . . . your favorite coffee shop (I love that fresh-brewed smell 😍), visiting friends or family in another state or country, sipping your favorite beverage on the white sands of the beach . . . the opportunities are endless!

How would your outlook on each day change if you had full flexibility with your work schedule?

Would it be a game-changer if you didn’t have to report to your job tomorrow morning?

Stop for just one second! 🚦

Close your eyes . . . then imagine not having to set your alarm when you go to bed tonight, and when you wake up in the morning you have to pinch yourself to be sure it is real and say to yourself, “I don’t have to go to my job today . . . or tomorrow, or the next day!”

How did you feel during that short visualization?

If it felt good, you’re ready to start your blog today. Don’t wait even one more second!

For every second you wait someone else around the globe is taking action, and enjoying the incredible benefits of starting their blog and gaining freedom.

It is all possible!

Ready to start your own blog? Click here to go to my insanely simple 8-step plan and get started now!