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Blog Growth Formula #2: Post Consistently & Frequently

Adding new content to your blog is an important factor in its growth.

Think of how a house is built. First the design (aka the house plans), then the foundation is built, following are the exterior walls, then interior walls, then roof, etc.

Your blog takes time to grow and must be built one step at a time in the same way. There are strategies to fast-track the growth; however, there is no way around skipping the foundational steps, just like building a house.

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STEP 1 ‣ If you haven’t yet, create the sitemap for your website/blog.

The sitemap is a fancy word for your blog layout.

What are your categories, what will you talk about in each category, etc. You must know where you are going to reach a destination. You don’t want your blog to be the same as if you were driving in the dark without your headlights on.

STEP 2 ‣ Create an editorial calendar, which is simply a fancy word for what category/topic are you going to write about, when are you going to write it, and when are you going to post it live on your blog.

STEP 3 ‣ Consistency is key for everything you do with your blog.

If you are a one or two-person team, you don’t need anything fancy to create your editorial calendar.

Don’t get hung up or waste time on finding the ‘right’ program, just take out a piece of paper or open up a Word document and start brainstorming about the topics you are writing posts about. Then decide what dates you will write and publish each post to your blog.

Another great tool for all your brainstorming activities that I use is Simple Mind. It is a mind-mapping program and the pro version is a minimal fee I have found well worth the investment for bloggers.


Pro Tip

A common question is ‘How many posts should I write a week” or “How many times a week do I need to post?”

The answer is simple. It’s up to YOU.

PRO TIP: Just be consistent.

It is better to post on Monday every other week than three times one week and then skip three weeks.

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