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Blog Growth Formula #1: Create A Survey Or Questionnaire

Asking your readers what they want to learn more about gives them the opportunity to be an active part of your community.

It also gives you a solid strategy to write about the topics they need, or create digital products to teach them what they want to learn.

Are you a new blogger so you don’t have subscribers to ask?

No problem! Ask the members of your Facebook groups what their pain points are or what a big question is centered around your blog topic.

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STEP 1 For current subscribers, offer a survey or questionnaire in your weekly email.

STEP 2 Create an opt-in for new subscribers so when they sign up for your newsletter they are tagged in your email marketing program with their top interest (what they are trying to solve that brought them to your website.)

STEP 3 Two options for surveys is Google Forms or Survey Monkey, and there are many others as well!


I have used several email marketing programs over the years. My current platform is Convertkit and I personally recommend it. I have also been successful using Aweber and Get Response, in addition to others.

Convertkit makes it super simple to tag your subscribers to implement this activity. Taking care of current subscribers keeps them on your subscriber list and returning to your website for more valuable information.

When you know what your readers need to learn (by offering the survey or questionnaire), you are not only showing them that they are your priority, but you are providing the information to keep them returning to your blog.

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