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Being a blogger is an easy job.

Then again, it can be a hard job!

Either way, you are in control which it will be for you. One thing is certain, it does not matter how much valuable information your share on your blog if no one is reading it.

One of the questions I am asked most from readers is “How do I get traffic to my blog?”

If you are completely new at blogging or just thinking about starting a blog, you may only think of the typical ways readers can find you online (friends/friends telling friends, social media, etc.) However, there are multiple ways to find your audience and bring them back to your site!

Growing your blog and email list takes concentrated time and effort. Get 99 tips of action to get started building blog traffic today! #blogtraffic #emaillist


Like everything else for your blog (aka online business), there should be a system and strategy in place.

When we drive in the dark without our headlights on, we don’t know where we are going to end up! With that in mind, don’t make the mistake of driving the success of your blog without being able to clearly see where you are going!

Let’s dive in!

Quote Starting happens before motivation

I started this blog series because when I was a new blogger, this was also my first question after my blog was set up.

Unless you are writing only for enjoyment (which is completely fine), you likely want to grow the readership of your blog so you can share what you are spending your time writing about.

You may even want to turn your blog into an online business so you can create financial freedom and work from anywhere.

Throughout this blog post series, you will get a new action-oriented tip each day which will result in increased exposure for your blog.

While I cannot guarantee specific results for every single blog, I can assure you without hesitation that action creates results, and accumulated results will create traffic for your blog!

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Pro Tip

Implement one activity at a time and monitor the results of traffic and subscribers so changes can be made as necessary.

Before moving to additional activities make sure all prior activities you have selected for your blog have been fully implemented.


Blog traffic is where the life of your online business starts. It doesn’t matter how great your content is if there is no one reading it.

There are numerous ways and strategies to increase your blog traffic. This list is just a start to the opportunities available.

With that being said, traffic is not enough to grow a blog. Your website has to give readers a reason to return to it as an authority they trust for the information they are looking for.

This blog series will give you 99 ways to grow your blog.

Implement the strategies one at a time and you will be well on your way to a profitable online business and working from anywhere you want!

Get Started Growing My Blog!

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