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Blog Growth Formula #7: Be A Reader Of Your Own Blog

It amazes me how many bloggers don’t read their own blog! This is a sure-fire way to lose returning traffic if you have left errors in your post.

Once they go into creation mode, they forget the other side – which is actually the most important part of their blog!

Without an audience to read the posts, a blog becomes ‘just a blog.’

Mistakes in a blog post or in the text of an image is a sure way to turn off people visiting your blog. First impressions really do matter!

Reading your own blog from the viewpoint of a ‘visitor’ rather than the ‘creator’ will help you catch errors, as well as give you new ideas for topics to write about.

Man Reading Book About Getting Traffic To Blog

As you read your posts after you write them, take your mind back to when you were searching for information on the topic.

What did you want to know about the most?

What questions did you type when you did an internet search? The answers will turn into your keywords.

I proofread as I go and make corrections. I have talked to other bloggers that like to wait until they are finished with a post and then go back and correct all the errors.

Find your groove and do what works best for you!

Done! 😉


STEP 1 ‣ Ask yourself, “If I was searching on the internet for an answer to a problem (in your blog niche), what would I be looking for, specifically?”

STEP 2 ‣ When you are reading one of your blog posts, ask yourself, “Did I solve this problem by the end of the post if it was my problem?”

STEP 3 ‣ After you read the post for content, read for mechanical writing errors (correct punctuation, capitalization errors, using the correct word format such as ‘there’ instead of ‘their’, etc.)

Reading your own words on the actual blog (outside of the admin panel of WordPress) makes a big difference in what you see and the errors you can catch!

If writing feels like a challenge to you, it really helps to read the article to yourself outloud. This will make any errors jump out at you when they don’t sound right!

STEP 4 ‣ View every post on your smart phone and a tablet (if possible) as soon as it is published to be sure it is readable.

It is super frustrating when I am on my phone and I can’t read the text because it is covered up by social media icons, etc.

You can see a perfect real-life example of how this can affect the reader (and I was on my laptop not even mobile) in Blog Formula Growth #14.

Done! 😊


Ask a couple of friends to proofread your blog posts for mechanical writing errors. This is effective even if they are not interested in your niche because they are looking for writing errors not accuracy in the information. They might even learn something about you they didn’t know! 😃


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I would love to hear from you in the comments below! 😄 What is your strategy to use this information to grow your blog?

Now it’s back to you (Izzy Girl put it back in your court – can’t wait to hear from you!) 😃

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