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Blog Growth Formula #4: Create Numerous Opt-In Forms

While all of your readers are visiting your website to learn about your niche topics, they likely have different needs and learning areas (different ‘pain points’ that spurred the web search.)

Creating multiple opt-in offers gives you a better opportunity to increase sign-ups based on different reader’s needs.

This can also be a called a content upgrade.

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STEP 1 ‣ Decide which blog posts have the best fit to create an opt-in. Did you write about something that a checklist would be helpful to your readers?


In my blog post 12 Things To Do To Every Blog Post Before You Hit Publish, I created a checklist ‘cheat sheet’ as a download to simplify the process for my readers.

I use this checklist myself and simply made it download-ready for an opt-in to help my readers. This is called a content upgrade because I am offering an additional layer to the blog post content.

STEP 2 ‣ Create your digital download. I use Microsoft Powerpoint to create most of my opt-in documents.

In my post Ultimate List Of Blogging Tools & Resources I share my favorite tools I use for my blog and why I use them.

STEP 3 ‣ Add the download to the blog post in several places (be sure to connect it to your email provider.)

If the document you created is something that could be a universal download for your readers (they could use it without reading the actual blog post), add it to the end of another blog post or in your sidebar.

Done! 🙂

Pro Tip

Opt-ins typically include an image to draw attention to the download that is separate from the text in the blog post. My favorite program to create images is Pic Monkey. I have also used Stencil and Canva.

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