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Blog Growth Formula #13: Make Your Content & Images Shareable

When readers share your content, they are bringing new readers to your blog.

This results in these new readers sharing your content, which is more new readers . . . and growth begins to accelerate as the circle continues!

Can you see how every single person matters, even when they visit your blog only one time?

Making it easy for your content and images to be shared is the best way to get the actual share. I have landed on a blog post with great content and when I try to share it, I cannot find anywhere on the site.

This is frustrating and I usually quit looking and move on to another blog.

Do this if you need more shares from your blog posts

The best place to add the social share button is on the side of the monitor (I prefer the left side), so as the reader scrolls down the post or page, the share buttons scroll with them.

Another great place is at the end of the post. (If you scroll to the bottom of this post and all my posts, you will see the ASK and the buttons right below the ask to make it easy for the reader!)

If a reader has finished reading a post to the end, there is a likely chance they got value out of the information and they will be more than willing to share! Again, remember to ASK FOR THE SHARE!😜

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How To

Step 1 ‣ My theme (Impreza) includes the feature to share images and articles to social media. If your theme does not have this option, add a plugin that allows sharing to each blog post and page that has shareable content on it.

Step 2 ‣ Include Click To Tweets in your blog posts to encourage sharing on Twitter.

Step 3 ‣ Make images that are shareable for Pinterest. Add ‘pin this for later’ by the image so it is bookmarked when they want to return to that product or resource.

Step 4 ‣ Ask for the share (#14)!) If you don’t ask, visitors may not share!

IMPORTANT: Just because you don’t use a social media platform does not mean your readers do not use it!

For example, you may not actively use Pinterest, yet many of your readers do! Should you make pinnable images for them even though you don’t use it?


Done! 😊

Pro Tip

Offer an incentive for sharing your content. Ideas include hosting a give-away or creating a social media contest. Make sure you know your audience and give them something they will love so they want to share!

Bonus Pro Tip

Create an infographic for a blog post and add an embed code so people can share it on their website. Use an embed code generator such as or siegemedia

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