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Blog Growth Formula #11: Use Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a must to use if you want more traffic from Google (called organic traffic.)

Choosing the right key words will get your blog post in front of the right audience and readers.

There are many tools (some free and some paid) that offer similar information so you can see topics being searched for online.

If you want a more robust keyword search planner, my recommendation is Serpstat (which I also use in addition to Google’s free option.)

Keep in mind Google is where the searches are happening. Therefore, key words show up that are only on Google.

Choose Your Blog Post Keyword
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How To

Step 1 ‣ Google Keyword Planner is 100% free to use.

Simply create an account without a campaign. (You need to create a google account if you do not have one.)

Step 2 ‣ Your two options are ‘Find Keywords’ and ‘Get Search Volume and Forecasts.’ Both options take you to the Keyword Plan.

I recommend you start with ‘Find Keywords’ and get your suggestions for SEO.

Step 3 ‣ Build your keyword list. Think like you are a reader of your blog when building your list.

Write down your blog categories, then write down phrases that could fall under each category. Include phrases your blog readers might use if they were searching for a topic in your blog niche.

Step 4 ‣ Once you have your keywords, or if you already have keywords, go to the ‘Get Search Volume And Forecasts’ option to get the metrics for your keywords.

Done! 😊

Pro Tip

Google Trends is another Google tool that provides you with information that is trending on Google. It can be used to plan the sale of digital products and when to write blog posts on a topic. For example, if you have a fitness blog you can see the trend for information surge at the beginning of the year consistently.

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