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Blog Growth Formula #18: Create a Blog Post Template

Templates are one of the most important parts of your blog if you want to work efficiently and get more time in your day.

A blog post template is simply a document that is preformatted with the necessary components so you don’t have to add them every single time you write a post.

Essentially, the details surrounding the actual article are already in place so all you need to do is add the content and you’re done!

If you are starting from scratch every time you write a blog post, create a new page on your blog, create a digital course, create a social media image, schedule a webinar, etc., you are wasting so much time it cannot even be accounted for how much.

creating a blog post template will save you hours of time every week
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How To

Step 1 ‣ Make a list of what you want to include in every blog post.

When your list is complete, highlight the things that will not change for a basic blog post. An example of this would be if you want to include a ‘Read More’ section at the end of the post. Another example would be your social share option at the end of every post.

Step 2 ‣ Explore and learn the options for templates inside your WordPress theme.

Step 3 ‣ Create your template and start using it on your blog posts!

Done! 😊

Pro Tip

I recommend starting with one blog post template. Make it universal so you can use it on all blog posts where you don’t need to add anything different or special. This will be your ‘go to’ template and the one designated as the main template in your theme. As you write new blog posts, you will find some need additional add-ons. Create a template for these posts and save them in your theme to use as needed.

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