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Blog Growth Formula #14: Ask For The Share

If you don’t ask for the share, it probably will not happen very often!

Readers that are not in the blogging world do not understand how sharing can help you. Yet, if they did understand, and they love reading your blog, most would be happy to share your content to help you out!

There are multiple ways to ask for the share, but the best way is to have options that make sharing super simple.

Just ask!

Don't do this when you are asking readres to share your blog post


STEP 1 ‣ Add social share buttons to your website either from your theme (if available) or from a plugin (see Blog Growth Formula #13).

STEP 2 ‣ At the end of the post or page, ask your readers to share your post. You can even add a little blurb about how it helps you so they understand why shares are important to bloggers.

STEP 3 ‣ Make images that are shareable for all social media platforms. Add ‘pin this for later’ by Pinterest images so it is bookmarked when they want to return to that product or resource.

IMPORTANT: Even if you are not a Pinterest user, your readers might be so you need to be making shareable Pinterest images for every blog post!

STEP 4 ‣ Add a floating share button to the side of your posts and pages so they are easy to locate as readers scroll down the screen.

STEP 5 ‣ Ask for the share!

Done! 😊


Review the placement of your social share buttons – especially the ones you place on the side of the screen that scroll with your post.

You do NOT want them to look like this image (below) and cover up the valuable information you spent hours creating!

Because the social share icons sit at the side of the screen steadfast as the reader scrolls, it was a useless cause at best to try and read this post.

After a minute of trying to dodge these social share icons to read the post I gave up. On to another blog and there wasn’t any sharing of this post with my readers! I would hate to refer and give others the same frustrating experience!

I was trying to read it on my laptop computer. I didn’t even check what it looked like on a smartphone or any mobile device, but I would guess the social icons likely take up most of the screen making the post unreadable.

Needless to say, I will not return to this website! (Go back to #7 – this clarifies the importance of Blog Growth Formula #7!)

It is also worth mentioning that Google+ is long gone – but the blogger behind this website is behind on housekeeping and it looks like the lights are on but nobody is home! 😲


There are many different ways to ask for the share. Visit websites (any niche) and see how others are doing it. This is a great way to get new ideas and bundle in what works with your personality on your website.


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I would love to hear from you in the comments below! 😄 What is your strategy to use this information to grow your blog?

Now it’s back to you (Izzy Girl put it back in your court – can’t wait to hear from you!) 😃

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