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Blog Growth Formula #24: Start Virtual Office Hours

schedule virtual office hours to engage subscribers

Virtual office hours are a designated time you will be available to provide a training, answer impromptu or planned questions, etc.

They are a great way to build rapport with your audience while establishing expertise in your niche.

For virtual office hours to be effective, it takes proper planning for your schedule, and to let your subscribers know you will be available for them, including the specific times you will be available.

This is the reason consistency is one of the most important parts of having successful virtual office hours – after several times the idea will start to pick up with your audience and your attendance will start to increase.

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STEP 1 ‣ Establish consistency – weekly, once a month, the first Saturday of every month, etc. Consistency is key to establish a routine, especially if you have low attendance at the beginning, which is normal as you start building your email list.

STEP 2 ‣ Decide what method you will use for the meetings. A webinar software like Webinar Ninja or Zoom could be used. Another option is to go live on Facebook or another social media platform where your audience typically hangs out.

STEP 3 ‣ Post your schedule on your website along with the topic. I recommend establishing a topic to discuss at least every so often and you can prepare a training around that topic, then take questions.

STEP 4 ‣ Include the days/times/topic (even if it is open/impromptu – let your audience know that) in your newsletter correspondence. Ask your readers fo topics they would like you to cover for future office hours. If you are using a webinar platform, include the link for them to sign up to attend.

STEP 5 ‣ Be sure to record the session (let the participants know.) You can use the recording for future marketing, sell the recording in a series, etc. at a later time.

Done! 😊

Pro Tip

Offer an additional session to people that meet a specific challenge you set up for your readers. Essentially, they need to ‘earn’ the time with you and have the benefit of being in a smaller group so you can focus on each of those in the audience.

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