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Blog Growth Formula #22: Create a Week of Gifts for your Subscribers

Making your subscribers feel special is a great way to not only share great ideas, but it is also a great way to build rapport and develop trust.

One way to do this is to create a week of gifts for your email subscribers.

You need to give your subscribers something they don’t get from all the other lists they are on. If you are unsure what this is, hop back to Blog Growth Blitz #1!

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How to

Step 1 ‣ Decide what the focus will be for your week of freebies.

Step 2 ‣ Map out a plan and create the downloads (if you don’t already have them.)

Step 3 ‣ Create your email sequence. Convertkit is an excellent choice for your way to keep in touch with your email subscribers!

Step 4 ‣ Ask your subscribers to invite friends to your site if they like what they are reading and getting from you.

Step 5 ‣ If you want to end your week of gifts with a bang offer an awesome Facebook live or webinar training on a popular topic that will go above helping them with one of the popular freebies from the week.

Step 6 ‣ To end the week with a super bang, do a drawing and offer a 10-minute coaching call, or something of great value to your readers that you usually charge for.

Done! 😊

Pro Tip

A great time to plan this is around the peak holiday times of your niche. For example, back to school, summer break, hunting season, etc. The holidays in November and December will work for every niche. End the week of gifts with a deep discount on a product.

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