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Blog Growth Blitz #19: Create A Resources Page

When people visit your website, they are looking for answers about something in your niche.

For this reason, your ‘resources’ page may become one of the most visited pages on your blog.

What tools do you use that you cannot live without? For example, if you have a fly-fishing website, people may want to know what fly rod you use and why you chose it over other options.

If you visit 10 blogs, you will see 10 completely different styles of resource pages. This is a great way to get ideas on how you want to organize your resources to share with readers visiting your blog!

the resource page is one of the most importatnt pages for your blog

You can take a peek at my resources post to see how I have mine organized!


STEP 1 ‣ Make a list of all the resources you use for your blog. It is good to keep a running list if you have not done this in the past.

STEP 2 ‣ Decide how you want to setup your resources page and what types of resources you want to include.

For example, do you want to include your favorite physical products such as the computer, microphone, and office equipment, or just platforms such as your email provider?

STEP 3 ‣ Divide the resources you are going to include into categories so they are easy to read on a page or post. Consider adding them by alphabetical order for better organization.

I recommend adding a short blurb about why you love it.

STEP 4 ‣ If you aren’t an affiliate for any of your resources (especially your main ones), check to see if they have an affiliate program and sign up. Be sure to go back and add them to this page once you get approval.

Include all affiliate links on this page and don’t forget your full disclosure statement!

Done! 😊


I choose to do a ‘Tools & Resources’ post instead of page because I want it to show up in my blog feed.


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Products I recommend in this post may be an affiliate link. I only recommend products I use or have used. If you purchase through my affiliate link I greatly appreciate it, and there will be no additional cost to you!

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I would love to hear from you in the comments below! 😄 What is your strategy to use this information to grow your blog?

Now it’s back to you (Izzy Girl put it back in your court – can’t wait to hear from you!) 😃

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